Moving goods by air with a IATA agent: the advantages

Make sure your air shipments take place as fast and cost-effectively as possible: as NordOvest Logistic Solutions is a IATA (International Air Transport Association) agent, its clientele are guaranteed the most extensive range of air freight services for all the main destinations worldwide.

Thanks to international synergies and our staff’s skill sets we are able to offer you a service tailored to your every need, taking care of your international shipment by air of products of any size, shape and weight.

Our incoming and outgoing air freight handling services cover all the world’s main markets, from the Middle East to Latin America, from Africa to North America, Asia and Europe.

We deal personally with the preparation of transport documents and the completion of any customs procedures, freeing you up to dedicate yourselves to your core business.

Shipments by air with NordOvest: what we offer

  • IATA (International air transport association) Licence;
  • Partners in airports worldwide;
  • A dedicated team of qualified and constantly trained operators;
  • Streamlined operating structure capable of effectively coordinating incoming and outgoing cargo with no delays;
  • Shipping of hazardous goods;
  • Vast range of bespoke solutions taking into account the type, volume, origin and destination of goods: groupage for small quantities to limit costs, use of cargo flights for bulkier freight;
  • Customized transport: fast pick-up and delivery to guarantee rapid lead times;
  • Customs freight simplified procedures, eliminating airport dwell time costs;

Made to measure: NordOvest’s air freight services

Our prestigious standing on the international transport scene is down to the commitment we have always made to guaranteeing our customers maximum satisfaction by guaranteeing a made-to-measure air freight service to meet the real needs of each and every business.

Tell us what you are looking for, and let us put together the optimal solution for you! We will diversify our offering to make sure you always get a highly-qualified service tailored to your real needs