NordOvest: Global Solutions for international commerce

International transport: baffling for some, for us it means teamwork.

NordOvest Logistic Solutions offers its clientele a highly qualified, exclusive point of contact for all services relating to storage, tax and legal aid, guaranteeing each time the precision and reliability that has made the company stand out from the crowd for over forty years:

We are the shipping professionals, committed to tailored handling of your domestic and international transport. We are a fully-fledged team, with experts in all the various aspects of international trade working in synergy to make sure you enjoy every conceivable advantage in terms of time and cost, guaranteeing a domestic and international shipment service which is always precise and reliable.

We approach every new request for transportation by land, sea or air as a challenge requiring an effective, overall solution that ensures your complete satisfaction with every phase, and allows you to benefit from our services with total peace of mind and no logistical, tax or customs concerns of any kind.

We devise targeted strategies case by case so as to provide you with optimal transport conditions at the best price, cutting lead times and accompanying you through every step in the shipment, from customs consulting to storage, from help with logistics to the actual transport.

In order to guarantee the efficient, professional delivery of services tailored to your specific goods transportation and storage needs, we have established a series of international strategic joint ventures with trusted partners who ensure high standards of quality in all transport conditions and for all the various types of goods, including perishable foodstuffs such as frozen meat, fruit and vegetables, as well as products certified as organic.

Nord Ovest SpA’s fundamental values are: excellence, teamwork, leadership, innovation, relationships, enterprise, training, respect, vision, flexibility and sharing. These are the values which are expected to identify its philosophy, unite its employees and associates, and convince people to work for - and clients to work with - the company. And it is essential that they do not remain as mere statements of intent, but are translated into all-pervasive intrinsic behaviour. As an organization and as individuals, all employees and associates are expected to conduct themselves within the working environment according to these principles, and to apply them correctly, ethically and honourably. This is why the company has a Code of Conduct as an integral part of its Organisational Model established pursuant to Italian Law no. 231/2001.

NordOvest Logistic Solutions: specialists, because you are unique

We offer exclusively made-to-measure international shipping services: we adapt to your needs, in keeping with your expectations and your resources.

We avail ourselves of only highly-qualified people in order to guarantee truly complete, specialized advice in all import/ export sectors.

We always give our very best to ensure you benefit from the right solution for your land, sea or air freight, tailoring logistics to your needs so you can dedicate yourselves to your core business.

Food, Fashion and Technology market leaders have chosen us because this is what we do: we make use of our decades of knowhow and diverse skills to help you stay at the top of your industry.