An exclusive integrated logistics service, with our own authorized customs, vat bonded, excise duty, food and organic warehousing facilities

Warehouse Logistics: the key to your success

All-inclusive equals cost-effective!

Our forty years of experience in logistics qualifies us as the ideal partners to provide you with space, precision and reliability in your logistical processes: thanks to our team’s expertise and constant focus on your real needs, we have developed high performance warehouse logistics capable of giving your supply chain the best support.

Logistics – the safest hands after yours

We provide our clients with total, strictly made-to-measure logistics support: we know very well that every business has its own particular characteristics in relation to the types of products handled, and size and structural services.

Our experience means we know how to identify bespoke logistics solutions each and every time to meet increasingly demanding service, efficiency and safety requirements, ensuring full customer satisfaction.

The strengths of NordOvest’s warehouse logistics

  • Total logistics support with customized “turnkey” solutions: from raw materials to end products, we are able to provide you with space, organization and knowhow, as well as just-in-time pickups and deliveries;
  • Preparation of plans and strategies to improve your performance, identifying tailor-made material handling solutions designed to reduce critical timing and manage costs effectively;
  • Full-time staff to guarantee reliability and consistency
  • Computerization of stock through full warehouse mapping, radio frequency and electronic data transmission interface;
  • Dynamic visualization of stock via the web;

Warehouse Logistics: to each his own

Handling any type of goods and catering for your tax and financial needs.

Our authorizations with the tax and customs authorities mean we are able to meet the demands of every customer for the storage of any type of goods effectively, ensuring the following services:

  • Customs warehouse: for the warehousing of non-EU goods under suspensive economic arrangements;
  • VAT bonded warehouse: for the warehousing of EU and non-EU goods under suspensive economic arrangements;
  • Excise warehouse: for the storage and shipment of goods subject to excise duty (spirits, beer, wine, etc.);
  • Organic produce warehouse: for organic produce which requires a separate environment from other types of goods to avoid unintentional contamination; constantly subject to safety and quality checks by the relevant authorities;
  • Food warehouse: well-ventilated, dry warehousing certified for the storage of packaged products intended for human consumption;

Tell us what you are looking for, and let us put together the optimal solution for you! We will diversify our offering to make sure you always get a highly-qualified service tailored to your real needs