NordOvest: only Customs at heart

NordOvest Logistic Solutions enjoys the benefits of having specialist skills in international trade issues, making sure its clients have the competitive advantage of customs advice of the highest standard.

We are an exception, and are proud of it: we are one of the very few international transport concerns committed to performing all customs operations ourselves!

As a matter of fact, our team can lay claim to having the highly qualified customs experts needed to expedite all the necessary procedures on your behalf and coordinate your import/export operations to and from every country. Thanks to our connections with the customs authorities, we are able to guarantee effective coverage of any service your business requires, with the precision and reliability that has always distinguished our work.

NordOvest’s customs assistance services

  • Electronic customs freight simplified procedures;
  • Management of local clearance procedures;
  • Customs Assistance Centre;
  • Pre-audit for obtaining and maintaining AEO certification;
  • Assistance in checking pre-requisites for community certificates of origin;
  • Assistance in obtaining authorized exporter status or inward customs processing procedures;
  • Filing customs petitions;
  • Checking combined nomenclature and carrying out any investigations through binding tariff information;
  • Consultation of full customs documentation via the web and displaying of exit results;

An in-house team of customs brokers, accountants and lawyers always ensuring expert advice on matters of international trade and effective customs assistance: how can we help you?