International Shipping Logistics Consulting

International Trade consulting services and specialist assistance with a team of qualified experts

In an increasingly globalized world, the choice of a well-versed consultant becomes a strategic advantage in approaching the market.

International Trade Consulting Services

Thanks to a qualified team of professionals in the international trading sector, INCOTERMS®2010 returns and taxation aspects, NordOvest is able to support companies looking to improve their performance on the trade import/export markets, overcoming the difficulties related to the management of the required document related procedures, some of which are highly complex.

Our team of experts, consisting in chartered accountants, customs brokers, statutory auditors and lawyers will support you throughout the preparation of a strategic plan that perfectly complies with the needs and objectives of your business, regardless of whether they are large or small.

We are at your complete disposal to organise sessions focused on specific topics, aimed at providing better understanding of all internationalisation related aspects: from INCOTERMS to the control and registration of a customs declaration, from intra-EU VAT to the regulations on origin; we can plan together meetings to examine and share information on regulations that are sometimes exceptionally complex.

International Trade Support

Being fully aware of the difficulties related to the internal management of international trade related issues, given the specific nature of the rules that regulate it and the continuous evolution of the same, we are able to provide targeted support during the document procedure formalities, ensuring punctual and accurate completion of all forms, so as to minimise the risk of possible disputes with the competent authorities.

By entrusting your requirements to the expert and safe hands of our collaborators, you can forget all about the bureaucracy and red tape and dedicate all you efforts and time to what really counts, your core business.

Training at our headquarters and your facility.

For years we have been organising training programmes open to all our customers to address a range of specific problems: how to deal with claims following a shipment, how to prevent damage to the quality of fruit and vegetables, how to keep abreast of good business practices and required technical standards, how to draw up a good trading contract ... NordOvest is able to provide the best possible solutions for your business.

Our team of professionals is also at your disposal to organise training courses at your own facility that will boost the skills and expertise of your operations.

Customs value declarations, product origin certificates, and royalties are just some of the topics we can discuss with your staff.

Tell us what you are looking for, and let us put together the optimal solution for you! We will diversify our offering to make sure you always get a highly-qualified service tailored to your real needs